5 Ways to Create Joy

February 5, 2021

Five Ways To Create Joy


Looking to add joy to someone’s day?  Here are five simple ideas.




People aren’t meant to live in isolation.  We need to know that we matter to others, and we need to feel heard.  So, take some time during your call to actively listen! Anyone can talk.  But It takes a special person to truly listen to others.


Send a Card


Think outside the box!  The greeting card aisle of most stores boasts a wide variety of “Just Because” cards. But you can also send free email greeting cards through a number of sites, such as Smilebox or Blue Mountain.  Many have video greetings that you can personalize with names and photos.


Mow Someone’s Lawn (Or Weed a Flower Bed)


This idea takes a bit more effort on your part.  However, small gestures can be a huge help to someone who’s busy or overwhelmed.   Imagine the surprise and joy of coming home to a beautiful yard, and realizing you can cross “yard” off your to-do list.


Invite Someone to Coffee


Sometimes people just need to get out.  Going to work, taking care of kids and other loved ones, and running errands can zap a person’s energy and joy levels.  A simple change of environment and routine can work wonders


Give Balloons


Balloons are bubbly packets of joy!   The results are instantaneous.  When people receive balloons, be it a simple bouquet or a balloon column, they can’t help but smile from ear to ear. 


Brainstorm with a professional decorator to think outside the box, and send a balloon gift like no other.  No matter what type of balloons you choose to give, they’re guaranteed to  be warmly received!