7 Must Know Balloon Decor Terms

November 29, 2020

7 Must Know Balloon Decor Terms

You have decided you want balloon decorations for your upcoming event.  In fact, you can already picture the colors and designs in your mind!  Excited, you hop online to search for a balloon decorating company.  You type in term after term:  balloon tree,  balloon tower,  balloon pillar.  But the photos in the search results are not at all what you’re envisioning. Seven Must Know B

Why?  You’re not using the right terms!  

Here are the 7 Must Know Balloon Decor Terms to find exactly what you want:

Balloon Column 

A column of balloons most commonly arranged in a spiral, although professionally built columns can be created in designs to fit any theme.  Standard balloon columns are 5- to 10-feet tall, and may or may not have a balloon “topper,” such as a 3’ round latex  balloon or a huge foil star.

Stacked Balloon Bouquet 

A bouquet of balloons arranged in equal tiers made of two- to three-balloons/tier, and topped by a single balloon at the top. Whenever you are looking for helium filled balloons that are tethered by ribbons tied together, this is referred to as a Balloon Bouquet.

Classic Balloon Decor

Classic Balloon Decor refers to any of the following decor items: Balloon Columns, Balloon Arches, Balloon Garlands, String of Pearls Arches, and Balloon Centerpieces.

Balloon Garland 

A balloon garland is traditionally made by professionally nesting equal groups of at least four balloons, one on top of the other, to form a “garland” of balloons that can be hung from a ceiling, a balcony, between posts or poles, or hung across a door or entryway.  

Balloon Topiary

A balloon topiary is a group of twelve balloons twisted together to form a perfect sphere.

Organic Balloon Design 

Organic balloon designs are balloon sculptures comprised of balloons inflated to various sizes and placed together in a manner that appears random.  In reality, good organic balloon design is far from random.  It requires a great deal of training and practice to perfect.

Balloon Bouquet

A grouping of helium-filled balloons tied to a weight. A bouquet can be “stacked,” as described above, or “staggered.”  Helium balloons in staggered bouquets are each professionally placed at precise intervals, so that each floats just above the one below it.

These basic balloon decor terms will help you find the type of balloon decor you are searching for and just the right professional to help you create the perfect balloon decorations for your special event.