It's Time To Celebrate~Why you need to order early!

July 1, 2021



Celebrations and events are starting to get planned and booked!  COVID put a quick and sudden stop to everything.  No events, no celebrations, no gatherings. Now that things are opening up, people want to celebrate! 

We are becoming increasingly busy with assisting our clients in planning the perfect event. But there is a very big issue that can effect just what type of balloon décor you can have at your special event…a world-wide balloon shortage.

When COVID hit everything stopped; including the harvest of rubber. No rubber means no latex balloons. Any rubber that was able to be harvested, had to be used to produce items for the medical industry.  Many standard balloon colors simply are not available at this time, such as black, white, green, and blue. Specialty colors such as coral, navy, and Caribbean are impossible to find. The manufacturers are working hard to get these balloons produced, and assure us that they will be in stock soon. So the bottom line is if you are having an event in the near future, please book early so that when the balloons needed for your event come back in stock, we can reserve them for you.

Balloon shortages aside, another reason it is important that you plan ahead and order early, is that ordering early can also save you money!  When we place rush orders with our distributors, they typically incur additional shipping and handling fees. But when we allow plenty of time for orders to arrive, we avoid those fees, and there is no need to add them to your final invoice.  In addition, it also alleviates the stress of worrying about whether or not your balloons will arrive in time.  There’s nothing worse than the disappointment of making last minute changes and substitutions when shipments don’t arrive as expected.

When you order early it gives us time to think of fantastic ideas and ways to be creative and bring your vision to life.  As a balloon artist, I am pretty much addicted to searching through magazines, blogs, balloon groups and Pinterest to see all of the incredible ideas that are out there.  Oftentimes when we see something from these awesome resources it sparks our imaginations and provides the inspiration needed to design and create the perfect piece for an upcoming event.  The earlier we know about your special event, the more time we will have to think of amazing ideas, especially if you have an unusual or unique theme for your event.

Good food, good music and great decor are what help create memorable events.  Our specialty is creating amazing balloon decor that will wow your guests!  The best way to ensure you get exactly what you want for your balloon decorations…order early.