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Classic Balloon Decorations: Balloon Arches, Balloon Columns, Balloon Pillars, String of Pearl Arches, Balloon Bead Arches


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Classic Balloon Decor consists of balloon columns, balloon pillars, balloon arches, balloon centerpieces, and string of pearl arches. The lines are clean and simple. With all of the beautiful colors and finishes available, classic balloon decor is a great choice to bring a touch of class and elegance to any event.

Balloon Decor Styles

Balloon decor comes in many styles. The latest trend is referred to as Organic Design. This is where a grouping of different sized balloons are placed together to create a pattern that appears random. This look can be and is beautiful when executed properly. However, the random look is not always appealing to everyone’s taste. Many people prefer clean and simple lines. That is where classic balloon decor shines.

Classic Balloon Decor can be created in just about any color combination you would like. You can choose from the beautiful, shiny finish of a Chrome (by Qualatex), the soft, muted color of a Pastel Matte (by Bettalic) or any of the several designer and classic colors available from today’s top balloon manufacturers.

DIY Balloon Decorations vs. Hiring a Professional

An important thing to consider If you decide to use balloon decor at your next event, is if you are going to Do-It-Yourself or hire a professional balloon decorator. Hiring a professional is the best choice for special events. Attempting to Do-It-Yourself can lead to frustration and disappointment. Not to mention a waste of your time and money. A professional has access to all the color options available and too many beautiful decor design choices. They will also help you choose the right decor for your venue. Indoor and outdoor venues present different conditions and challenges. You will not be disappointed with your choice. So, make your next special event extra-special by hiring a professional to create the perfect Classic Balloon Decor just for you!

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