Pro Environment Balloon Alliance PEBA

We are a member of PEBA

Pro Environment Balloon Alliance PEBA

Celebrations Balloon Company is dedicated to educating the people on the truth about balloons and balloon releases. Our company joined PEBA, and we are a part of the U.S. chapter.

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Promote the Correct Disposal of Balloons

Members of PEBA are committed to educating their clients, venue managers and the general public, by all possible means, in the responsible use and disposal of balloons. PIN IT & BIN IT!

Balloons are fun and beautiful and add so much to any event.  However, balloons used in an irresponsible manner are no longer viewed as fun and beautiful.

Balloon Releases

People love balloon releases. However, the environmental impact of releases needs to be carefully considered. Latex balloons are 100% natural and biodegradable. Unfortunately, the ribbons they are often attached to are not.  Ribbons can and do pose a risk to wildlife and the environment in general.  In reality, the actual balloons do break down and biodegrade.  Unfortunately, balloons which are released become nothing more than litter and trash when they return to the earth.

As a PEBA member we do not advocate or support balloon releases.  Our company will not sell balloons to anyone who is planning on using them for that purpose.

Additionally, customers who are concerned with the environmental impact of balloons, can purchase balloons from a responsible balloon company.  Grocery and discount stores sell cheap balloons without any concern for how they are going to be used. Conversely, a professional balloon company, which is a member of PEBA, does care and will take the time and effort to educate their customers.

Please contact a professional balloon company the next time you wish to purchase balloons for an event. Our company and many others across the country are joining forces to provide our customers with great balloons in a responsible manner.